Oh HappyPlanner!

Hello! and Yes…another planner post! I bet you are loving these aren’t you muwahaha!

Well. I received a Create 365 Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI for ease).

I am using this as a blog and study planner and to track my on-line orders.

I love the size of it and I have never used a disk bound planner before but I really like the concept.

The days are split into 3 sections, Morning, Afternoon and Evening. There is also a section to add notes for the week at the side of the page and each month also has a separate divider and a month on two page viewer as well.

I have had good fun decorating mine and using it for planning. Only having the purpose it does means it is not getting cluttered up with my day to day activity and other plans.

Having a small baby is quite a struggle when your brain is like mush and they need constant attention so finding a different use for  my variety of planners has been great. I may not use them on a day to day basis but they all have purpose. Once I receive my last TN I will have the perfect set-up for myself.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Happy Planner (for more pics see my instagram: @fluttermouse)


Front Cover

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