Excited Much! Made a Sale…

For sometime now I have been making my own inserts for my TN’s. There is a lack of suppliers within the UK and sometimes shipping from elsewhere costs more than the item you want.

I decided I will try my hand at selling these inserts and I am currently in the process of setting up an Etsy store and getting supplies together.

Anyway  a nice Lady on one of the Facebook groups I am part of asked if I could possibly make her some passport size ones.

Of course I was willing to do this so I let her pick from all the cover designs and made them up and sent them the next morning. I was honestly a little apprehensive as making for yourself is entirely different to making for another.

However I got lovely remarks from her regarding them and the little extras I posted (Washi samples, Paper-clips, Sticky notes etc.)

With Julie Davis’ permission I have been allowed to screenshot the conversation to show her response:)

Thank You Julie x



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