Book Reviews 2017

ZLYC Dark Brown Embossed Standard TN

I have to say I was not disappointed with this journal. The leather smells great and is floppy which makes a nice change from the other types of things I own.

It came with 3 inserts (2 lined and 1 undated diary), a zipper pocket and a credit card holder.

The elastic is nice and tight without been too tight. I am seriously impressed. The detailing on the embossed leather is so pretty as-well.

The only criticism I have is that is seems that the dye was not fully dry and as a result some of the pages were marked and the dye has worn a little on the edges where it touches the elastic.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is considering buying one 😀





***Note – I have now had the journal for a couple of weeks and it just gets better. The dye is wearing in some places but doesn’t pick up on the camera.  It just adds depth and character. ***

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