Book Reviews 2017

Adori..Definitely Made With Love!!

I am not sure where to even start with this review because I honestly feel like no matter what I write it will not convey enough how absolutely amazing these Adori’s (fauxdori) actually are.

Not only does the crafter Anja send and make these beautiful creations but she packs each and every single one with so much more. The packages in which they are sent are not merely a Traveler’s Notebook but also include so many more extras. The time and care put into each order is evident.

The first Adori I received was made from a stiff leather, beautiful in colour and smelt as all leather should…divine!
It arrived with a selection of extras, a canvas bag, 2 notebooks, a little wallet, charms, stickers, washi tape, spare elastics and some other little bits.
I knew once I had this I would get another from Anja, as her work is simply beautiful.20150727_215509




The second Adori I received was a RAK (random act of kindness) from Anja and this package honestly left me humbled.
Inside the huge box I received was not only a Adori for me, but one for each of my 2 children made in colours well suited to them both. There was again a selection of stickers, sticky notes, charms and pin badges.



The actual Adori which I received was completely and utterly beautiful. It was made with a vintage style roses fabric and included pockets on the inside of the covers.
This has become my ultimate and favourite TN. I adore how it feels to use and the amount of things I can stuff into it without any overhang is amazing! I can get 5 inserts (although I only have 4 in), a zipper wallet and card wallet in there. It just matches my personality completely.






Anja makes all her work so passionately and is excellent to work with for those who like a little customisation. I really cannot praise her enough, she is a truly amazingly lovely lady.
I would recommend anyone who is wanting a new TN /Fauxdori to purchase from Anja. The link to the website and shop is listed below.

Adori Made With Love

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