Etsy Shop

A friend and I who met through a group have decided to co-venture into selling items via Etsy. My colleague is based in China and makes lovely Fauxdori’s and other leather journals and I set up an Etsy shop to sell these and be the face of the endeavour.

The shop only went live this week and we have sold one of the Fauxdori’s already.

Not only do you get the leather cover but a multitude of inserts, stickers, charms, bookmarks and other bits and bobs. These are extremely fantastic value for money. For those starting out everything you could possibly need is in the one package.

A link to the shop can be found Here –> TheStationeryGeekett

I hope that those of you are interested will make purchases with us and those who do purchase please drop us a review and let us know of the good and bad (if any) points to the items. As we are new feedback is extremely important.

I will be releasing discount codes randomly too, which you will find details of via my I.G: @Fluttermouse, Via Facebook groups or via my blog.

Thanks for reading!

The Stationery Geekette

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