My Planner Life…

I am finally at a point where I have perfect planner peace (for now at least).

This is a post where I let you all delve into my world. I have numerous planners in all shapes and sizes which serve multiple purposes.

Some may feel it is a bit excessive and ask why I don’t just use the one but as a mother of 3 who has many interests it would be impossible to have it altogether and could you imagine the weight of carrying it all around daily!…no thanks, I’ll stick with more than the one.

The first I will show is my daily planner. This is a ring-bound a5 Paperchase yearly planner. It has divided sections for ease of use these are; Information, Agenda, Planner, Diary, A-Z, Finances, and Notes. I use the diary section and finance section primarily. This for my daily and weekly plans such as Dr appointments, meal planning, bill payments, events etc. This planner is the easiest to use as an everyday carry.




My next planner is a Create 365 Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (Mambi) this is a disk-bound planner.
The layout and dividers in this planner are super pretty but it feels a little too flimsy in my opinion to carry about in a bag without getting damaged.
I use this to plan my blog posts, studies, events I am planning and to track orders I make and receive. The size of the boxes are great for getting down a little detail and the day is split into 3 sections for morning, afternoon and evening. This is a little bigger than a5 in size but is really lovely.



My next is the embossed fauxdori I have shown in a previous blog post review.
I have 2 inserts in this. One is a memory book which my children write me notes in and draw pictures. The other is for notes I make while I study that have key information I need to remember.



Insta photo editor1438432554093

Insta photo editor1438432757793

The next one is my Field Notes Urban Rainbow which has also been reviewed in a previous post.
I have 4 inserts and a little folder wallet in this one. I don’t use it often but it holds a lot of important information.
My first insert is a positivity journal which I use to reflect on when something is bothering me. It helps uplift my spirits. I also write in it when I am feeling grateful for something. My 2nd insert is for book reviews, my third is random notes and my 4th is for listing all TV series I watch and want to watch, movies I have seen, reviews and want to watch.







The next is my standard leather Adori (I have not reviewed this yet but it will be in an upcoming post).
I have 2 inserts in this. One is my creative writing insert and the other is for my #listersgottalist challenges.






Insta photo editor1438432868266

The next one is my favourite of them all and my newest. It is a fabric Adori. I have 4 inserts, a zipper wallet and card holder. The first insert is used as a journal. I don’t write in this every day but a few times a week or when it is necessary. I write about what I’ve been up too how I feel etc. and I also note things such as what I am currently reading, what was in the news that day and little doodles. My 2nd insert is All About Me, this includes my bucket lists, favourite things, important info, dreams, aspirations and anything else involving me on a deeper level. My next insert is for my doodles and geo-caching record and the final insert is blank as I like to keep a spare around in case it is needed.








So that summarises all of my planners. I love to be organised and I need this many to track aspects of my life as I have found since having the baby my mind easily forgets things and I like to record certain information for me to look back on.

I also have 3 other planners currently not in use although I am making one into a Christmas planner in the next few weeks. My spares are a red vintage non branded personal ring-bound planner, Heidi Swapp Memory Planner and a pocket size retro bloom Filofax.

I hope I have not bored you all with my babbling and you have enjoyed a sneak peek into my world of planners.

I have some more posts incoming over the next week including a review of my two Adori TNs, My favourite Things and details of a upcoming give-away in celebration of my new blog and hitting 100 IG followers!

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