Studying with my Standard


Since having my baby in October I have been dying to get back into something which requires using some brain function other than mothering. I was in desperate need of some intellectual information.

While I was pregnant I studied a free course in Wrongful Convictions from Pennsylvania State University and I loved it.

The course is taken via Coursera which allow students to study online for a range of courses from various institutions around the globe and even better they are free. You can pay extra to get a recognised certificate of accomplishment after you finish otherwise you just get a Coursera certificate (not recognised by education establishments).

Well I went and had a browse of which courses were currently available and upcoming.

My career and education field is Law and Criminology and I managed to find an International Criminal Law Course through Case Western Reserve University which is the perfect sort of course I was looking for.

I have only just started but I am really enjoying the course so far and as it is online I can do it at my own pace.

I decided to use my ZLYC Embossed floppy TN to record all my notes in as the floppiness of the leather helps when doing some substantial writing.
I’ve now ran out of inserts so I will have to order some more.

Coursera is great, especially for those who need something to do or if perhaps you want to try other fields of study you have little knowledge of. I would recommend it to anyone!



I hope everyone is having a marvellous week!

The Stationery Geekette x

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