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The Leuchtturm 1917

This is my first ever Leuchtturm. My partner bought it for me for Christmas and its the Berry dotted version.

I have to admit I’m a little weary when it comes to notebooks especially those that are quite high in price as they very rarely live up to the hype however this one is amazing!


It’s hard to say the exact purpose of what I am using it for as it covers many different functions and is very unique to me.

It combines GTD with a form of bullet journaling and other aspects too.

I have taken some photo’s of my current pages. Obviously these will evolve as the year goes on.
I do have to thank Kara at Bohoberry and Laura at How to GYST as they have both been a huge inspiration in my new 2016 approach.

So to start I drew up a 2016 Calendar as I like to always have a yearly outlook.


2016 Mission Statement and Affirmations


Goals and Aspirations


Quotes and Gratitude


Savings and Film/TV


Books to Read and Master Project list


Blank for Projects and GTD Workflow


GTD Workflow Diagram and Planning Models


What I Want To Buy and Order Tracker


Kickass Woman Manifesto and First srt of Daily pages


Astronomy Calendar and Daily pages


Project 1 and Dreamcatcher Sketch


That’s what I have so far in this one. My dailies are mostly Next Action lists for the day, events, memories and brain dumps.

I have you have enjoyed reading and seeing how I do things. I would definitely recommend checking out the two blogs I mentioned above if you are wanting to be inspired.

My next post will be going through the other planners I’m using this year:)

The Stationery Geekette x


**Update – Post added with updates to my layouts The Leuchtturm 1917 – Things I’ve Added


7 thoughts on “The Leuchtturm 1917”

  1. I love your BuJo so far. I have been thinking about starting one for writing related stuff. I love the look of the Leuchtturms but not sure I can justify paying that much for a notebook when I already gave so many empty ones gathering dust!

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  2. I’d definitely try it. I don’t use mine as a traditional one but it works for me much more than I thought it would. You could use one of your notebooks and if you find it works for you then could buy a Leuctturm.
    I’d definitely recommend trying a Bujo of some sort though if you think you’d benefit. Just remember it’s totally unique and how you want it. I love adding bits between daily pages and popping it in the index, it’s quite freeing:) I’ve added a few more things since this post such as a Currently Watching list etc x


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