The Leuchtturm 1917 – Things I’ve Added

If you have read my previous post on the Leuctturm 1917 which I started using at the beginning of January you will know that using this type of journal was entirely new to me.

I wasn’t sure entirely how it would progress, what bits i would implement and utilise and what I wouldn’t need. It was all new, shiny and exciting.

I have learnt many things over the last month and I have to admit I am LOVING using it and it works in sync with my Filofax Malden perfectly.

I have learnt that not everything has to be perfect. I rarely draw things out in pencil first now I go right in with the pen and hope for the best. I have made mistakes, plenty of them but that is life and it makes it mine 🙂

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I have also started adding a few more decorative things like stickers and a bit of washi here and there but not too much. I want it to be pretty but more so functional.

Let’s take a look at what I have added….

First off I have added a Blog states tracker page. Very simple, no need to mark the actual stats as they are recorded elsewhere but this is to remind myself to take note of them and to look at how I want my blog to progress in simple terms.


Next we have a Current Watch List. This is all the programmes I am currently watching. I have a list of all series I watch throughout the year elsewhere. This is just for right now.


Then we have a penpal tracker. I decided to up my penpal game. Handwriting letters is such a nice thing and I love receiving them from people and finding out about different cultures, lives, hobbies etc. However I did start to get a bit confused over who and when I had received them so this seemed like the best way to go.


The Review pages. These will be added at the end of each month to review the previous month and ascertain my goals for the following month. I also add my blog stats here too.


Finally the Monthly Tracker. I really wanted to be more aware of what I needed to do daily, and somewhere to prompt me of the things I sometimes forget to do or make time for. I added a few extra boxes incase I thought of other things I wanted to add. I didn’t start this until a few days ago hence why many of the boxes are crossed out as they had already passed.


I am really happy with how things are progressing with this new method. I would advise anyone who is thinking of trying something similar to go with it and just be yourself.

The Stationery Geekette x

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