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UglyBugDoes Planner Subscription Box Unboxing *Spoilers*

*Disclaimer – I received the box free of charge as I am part of the design team however this does not alter my opinion of the quality of the contents.*

I am really excited to be bringing you this news. I was selected my the lovely Michelle Mills owner if UglyBugDoes to be part of her design team.

Not only is this a brilliant opportunity for myself and my blog to be able to take part in but I get to work alongside someone who I have so much respect for.

UglyBugDoes was relaunched on the 20th May with the release of new planner subscription boxes which sold out within the first hour of the shop opening.

The boxes are priced at £10 and you get nunerous items in with a minimum value of £15. Each box will be themed and is available in personal or A5 size.
Future releases of boxes will also have the opportunity to be bumped for a higher cost and more items.
This is a great idea as it allows people to take part in a planner subscription which is suited to their financial situation.

There was not just a planner subscription box new to the store but more sticker designs, planner stencils, charms and other crafted objects.

Below you will find my unboxing of one of the first ever subscription boxes.







This box contained:
1) Exclusively made planner charm
2) A skull white out mouse roller
3) A skull pen
4) Exclusively made paperclip
5) A whole months worth of themed exclusively made functional stickers.

I love this box and it is fantastic for its value. Anyone who has been debating it I would highly recommend. I have insider knowledge that the next months theme will be amazing!

For more details of future releases, sneak peeks or to purchase any of the UglyBugDoes items please see the links below.

UglyBugDoes – Etsy
UglyBugDoes – YouTube
UglyBugDoes – Website and Blog
UglyBugDoes – Facebook

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


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