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Filofax Adelphi Review

I have always struggles finding the best planner to use as a carry around in my bag. I’ve tried everything from Personal to Pennybridge to TN but nothing seemed to work right.
Since swapping to A5 as my main planner which is to chucky to carry around I haven’t even had my personal to pop in.
I saw a pocket Adelphi on eBay which looked great so I bid and won.

When it arrived the first thing that I liked was it’s colour and style. It was much nicer than the pictures.

I loved the inside of it, it had a popper pocket on the front inside pocket and some card slots and a zipped pocket near the pen holder.

I set up with the sections that I needed;
* Shopping
* To-Do
* Notes
* Gisbrough Priory Project Volunteer info
* Contacts

So far I’m loving it, it’s perfect to use and so light in my bag 🙂

The Adelphi definitely gets a thumbs up from me:)










Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

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