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How Planning Keeps Me Sane

There are many people who don’t get the whole planner thing and that’s fine. We all don’t have to enjoy the same things as each other.

Many times us little planner addicts come under some ridicule for being open about what we enjoy, which can be unfair especially since we all have hobbies some are more unique than others but at the end of the day of something brings a person joy in today’s world then why not? Who are we to criticise? 

I enjoy and use planners for various reasons. They do help keep me sane. 

I’ve always had a love for Stationery but since I had my 3rd and youngest child (who is now approaching 2yrs old) I never got as involved as I am now.

The primary reason for me to use a planner is to track life and it’s many complexities. Having 3 children,  a partner, a home to manage, working part-time and volunteering can make things quite complicated so this helps simplifiy my routine.

When I first started using a planner I would track my baby’s feeding, illnesses, milestones etc and anything of importance like health visitor visits and such.

Back then I didn’t have a blog or either of my jobs but my memory was always consumed with something and I would sometimes forget things I needed to remember.

Now it still performs the same function as well as tracking all our house expenses, cleaning rota and work commitments. 

I have also now implemented a blog planner to properly plan out my posts, track statistics and everything else blog related.

I like to keep all my planners seperate so things don’t get to entwined, I find it much easier to plan this way.

I suffered quite a lot with PND so a planner helped track my moods so I could refer back to my GP easier as I was going the non-treatement route.

Now thankfully the PND usually is on the downlow and I rarely have any issues. It’s not to say that it has gone because it hasn’t I can feel it still there and on the days when it rears it’s ugly head I can write it down. Frequency of things happening helps me pinpoint events that make me feel vulnerable or stressed so I can learn to adapt and handle them differently. It will also point out of I am having a relapse.

Anyone who has had a child will know that having any sort of control over your day often goes out of the window regardless of the good intentions we have.

That’s what a planner does for me. It gives me a sense of control. While I am aware I cannot control everything it means the little I can have some control over I do. The house is a prime example. I know when certain things need cleaning,  bills are due, landlord inspections, tenancy renewals etc.

I would really love to hear from you about why you use a planner, what does it offer you above anything else and if it makes a difference to your life. Please feel free to comment below:)

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 


6 thoughts on “How Planning Keeps Me Sane”

  1. I can see why the planners are such good help when you have kids, it makes complete sense. Also I agree that people think it’s a silly hobby which makes some of us planner lovers love in secret haha. Which is a shame.
    I don’t have children but I also feel like planning helps me feel sane. I can look back to the week and see what I have accomplished, have a set plan on what needs to be done and for someone who cannot draw a flower properly it’s a way to express myself with fun stickers that also are functional. Win win win.


  2. I agree…using a planner helps me keep track of all the information one would normally put on a calendar, but I also use it to journal, keep lists, etc. It is therapeutic and a creative outlet. There are lots of hobbies out there that people like, but I don’t understand nor enjoy…like the Pokeman craze right now, but hey, to each his own. People who criticize generally have some sort of problem with themselves and need to fill their time with a hobby they enjoy instead of interfering in other people’s lives.


  3. I’ve had depression on and off for most of my life, and when I realised I was heading for another episode I decided to go back to using a paper planner because I knew I couldn’t trust my memory. Well it turns out I have a bit more than just depression. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Along with that goes fibro fog, so I’d be absolutely lost without my planner!


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