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Going Back To College… Planner Consideration! 

Hey Everyone 🙂

So as the title suggests today I want to discuss planners for college.

I am retraining into Business in September since Criminology is extremely difficult to work in right now and I have been thinking about my planner options.

I have a Kikki-K Black spotted Pause in large which I plan on using however I’m uncertain what to use it for exactly.

I have no doubt I won’t fit a years worth of studying into it which I didn’t think about initially as I was just going to pop in my academic diary and then dividers for each of my 7 modules.

Upon this realisation I seem to be at a bit of a loss.

I could just pop each module into a different planner when it’s complete and keep a key notes list for that specific module instead, I could just use notebooks and not my planner, I could have multiple planners per module.

I’m honestly not sure. Aside from a diary and module stuff I’m not sure if there is anything else I may also need.

I have studied from home loads but the requirements are always different. I haven’t studied properly though for about 7 years.

So my question to my reader’s today is this. If you study, what do you use a planner for? What am I forgetting?  What are your tips to maximise productivity while staying pretty?

I’d really appreciate the advice of my readers is this matter.

Hopefully next week I will have remedied my issues and have my College Planner Set-Up to show you:)

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 


8 thoughts on “Going Back To College… Planner Consideration! ”

  1. My daughter is using a Busy B’s Academic diary for her work/university diary.
    The rest of her studies/notes will be organised into A4 folders/ring binders as most of the print outs tend to be A4 size.
    When she was doing her A levels and didn’t need her entire set of notes she took the bits she needed out and put them in plastic folders from Wilkos (the ones with the poppers that close up securely) x


      1. At the moment I’m just thinking ‘right, gotta get this planner thing sorted because then everything else will just fall into place and be successful!’ – there’s a lot of pressure on this planner system to be successful! xD


  2. I always used Notebooks for study/module notes and myA5 planner for EVERYTHING else. I made lists of the sections and chapters I had to read for each Essay.
    I also had several To-Do lists inside my Week to View calendar, so I had personal appointments in the spread and then Uni notes and deadlines next to the corresponding date.


    1. That sounds like a great idea. I actually bought an ARC notebook today ready for September. I am thinking once I get my module guides and stuff it might be easier to figure out where I am at. No idea what my reading materials are yet:)

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