December ‘To Be Read’ List

As December is rapidly approaching I thought now maybe a good time to share my prospective reads.

I don’t often post this to my blog, usually I just post to Facebook and Instagram. However,  I will be doing this monthly in future.

These books aren’t listed in any particular order. I don’t know what I’ll start or end with. Some are must reads as I have a blog tour or publisher review due for them. 

1. Stealing Snow by Danielle Page

2. Snowed In For Christmas by Claire Sandy

3. Let It Snow by John Green

4. Throne Of Glass by Sarah. J Maas

5. Late Whitsun by Jasper Kent (Blog Tour)

6. Horizon Alpha by D W Vogel (Publisher Review)

I’d be really interested to see what is on your December reading list or your reading list in general. 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

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5 thoughts on “December ‘To Be Read’ List”

  1. I’m still trying to get through Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…it’s so dull. Everyone says it gets good, but I’m 40% in and nothing has actually happened. Next inline aft6er that is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and Sons and Lover DH Lawrence (I teach quite a bit of Lawrence in drama as I work in Eastwood – his birth place), but have never read a full book of his yet, although know all the plos.


    1. I have read all the millennium series, even the new one. I loved them but they can drag in places. I thought the film was pretty good 🙂
      I have the Goldfinch but I’ve yet to read it. I wish I had more time lol. I want to read all the books!:)


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