The #experimentalgeek Sticker Challenge

Hey Everyone, 

So you may be wondering what on earth the #experimemtalgeek sticker challenge is. A little while ago Leanne Snowball of The Geeky Planner put out a post requesting people who has specific planners to comment and try her stickers out. The aim was to see how versatile the kit was in different styled planners and to use the information in her blog.

I was lucky enough to be picked to use my mini happy planner.
I received the Superhero/villain vertical set which consisted of 4 sheets of various stickers, some full boxes, half boxes,  decor, icons etc. 

I set to work in using it in my mini happy planner and love how it turned out.

I also had more than half left over so I used them in my personal size planner too. 

There are still loads of stickers left and while I could have used more per spread (I’m a white space kinda gal) it shows just how versatile and plentiful these kits are. 

It was easy to adapt these to fit into both these planners and the amount you get make them very much value for money.

For more information on The Geeky Planner you can visit her on the links below;

Etsy Shop




Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 


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