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Planner Girls Collective: My Planner Journey {Why I plan}


Hey everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since my last Planner Girl’s Collective post but I am back on track now (thanks, Easter!).

This week we are discussing our planner journey’s, and why it is we use planners.

I have always loved stationery and organisers but up until early 2015, I didn’t realise just what a world it was.

I had a baby in late 2014 and during pregnancy and early motherhood I found out about A Bowl Full Of Lemons and revolutionised my organisation however it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Post-natal depression that I got my first Filofax.

With everything going on in my head and with having a newborn, house to run and 2 other older children it was a necessity for me to just know what my life was doing on a day to day basis.

About 4-6 months later I discovered planner groups on Facebook and I was introduced to other planner manufacturers, traveller’s notebooks, washi, stickers. You name it, I found it. My world suddenly got a lot bigger and a lot brighter.

I have since discovered creative journaling, memory planning, and other forms of planning and journaling which I have come to rely on not sure to organise my life but to organise my head.

People may not understand this obsession, that is fine they don’t need to but for me, it helps me organise my thought’s and has helped with my PND in a huge way.

Planning for me is a lifeline, not just a hobby. Without them, my life would be chaos.

To see why the other ladies in the group plan and to read their journey please visit their blogs listed below.

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Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x



10 thoughts on “Planner Girls Collective: My Planner Journey {Why I plan}”

  1. A blowl full of lemons was how I first got into planning too, saw them on Pinterest and had to investigate further. So glad I did xx


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