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Small Business Spotlight: TheGingerCatCo.


Hey, Today in the Small Business Spotlight we have the lovely Shona owner of TheGingerCatCo.

1) Tell us a little about you, who is the person behind the shop?
Hi! I’m Shona! I’m 24 and live in Nottinghamshire with the OH, our two girls aged 4 & 5 and three cats! 😸

2) What does your store sell?
My store sells mainly planner stickers and personal size kits but also a few travellers notebook charms

3) Is there an item which you have made that you have loved above all others?
Every time I make something new I get all excited and it’s my new favourite sheet or kit! But my favourite are the cat emojis!

4) What is your most popular seller?
The most popular sellers are the bullet journal stickers! Especially the days of the week in font 1! Lol

5) What inspired your shop name?
Well it’s simple really, I have a cat which is ginger! I couldn’t think of an amazing plannery name but I still like the one I’ve got.

6) What planner do you use?
I used my kikki k medium vanskap for about 10 months but I’ve recently switched to a personal size zipped dokibook!

7) What is your planning style?
I love vertical! No matter what size planner I’m using its always got to be a vertical layout!

😎 What are your social media channels?


9)What is your planner ‘unicorn’ – I suppose it was the royal purple personal size zipped dokibook and it took me a good 6/7 months to find one!😂

10) What is the link to your shop
I have the code CAT15 for 15% off £10 or FREESHIP for any internationals when they spend over £20/$24/$25 and if you follow my Instagram then I often have sales 😸

Thank you Shona and thank you all for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


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