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Planner Girls Collective: My Planning Style


Today on Planner Girls Collective we are looking at Planner style. This is for those who don’t know, how we use our planners. Some people really like to go full on with stickers and washi, others are minimal and then some like me prefer a bit of everything.

For me primarily my planner pages need to be functional. I do love washi and stickers but for the most part, they are a secondary thing.

I always set up my pages with a small amount of decor, as you can see from the picture below of this week, there isn’t much there. A splash of colour, odd sticker placed but mostly blank.


However, My pages do not stay this blank. At the end of each day, I go through and fill the day up with all the bits I have missed and more decor. I have tried to get a bit more adventurous with my writing styles but as it stands I am pretty happy with my Planning Style now.


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Thanks for Reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

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