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Book Tour: Kiss Me at Willoughby Close by Kate Hewitt {Extract}

Hey Everyone,

Today I have an extract for you from Kiss Me at Willoughby Close by Kate Hewitt.

This is a book in a continuing series but can be read as a stand alone.


Welcome to Willoughby Close… a charming cluster of cozy cottages, each with a story to tell and a happy ending to deliver…

After her husband unexpectedly dies, Ava moves to Willoughby Close, trying to keep her chin up and herself to herself as she’s always done—not answering questions, not making friends, and not seeing much of a future. Her marriage was far from perfect, but it offered her a much-needed security that has now been ripped away. She’s not sure what to do now that she’s thirty-five, widowed, penniless… and unexpectedly pregnant with her late husband’s child.

Jace Tucker is the over-the-top sexy caretaker of Willoughby Manor, and he can see beneath Ava’s glamor girl act to the hurt she’s been hiding for so long. She has secrets for a reason—and so does he. The last thing she needs right now is a fling with a man who hides a past as regrettable as her own.

But with a baby to think about, and neighbors determined to be her friends, Ava finds herself starting to change and even more alarmingly, beginning to hope. Can Willoughby Close work its everyday magic on a woman like her? And when the past comes calling for both her and Jace, will they have to answer for their previous mistakes?


Are you all right?” he asked in a low voice.

    His kindness made her want to cry. Again. Ava managed somehow to shake and nod her head at the same time. She let out another ragged-edged laugh. “I… I don’t know.”

    “Let’s get you inside.” Still holding her arm, Jace guided her into number three. Ava let him, so glad someone was taking over, caring enough to see she was okay, that she couldn’t even pretend to be strong.

    Jace guided her over to the velveteen settee and she sank onto it, her legs feeling so weak she wasn’t sure she would have been able to stand another second.

    “Tea,” Jace said decisively. “Strong, sweet tea.”

    “Is that what you prescribe for a situation like this?”

    “Shock,” Jace answered as he filled up the kettle at the sink, looking at ease, and just as masculine, at the kitchen as he did everywhere else. “Isn’t this what everyone prescribes for it?”

    “Maybe.” Ava leaned her head back against the settee and closed her eyes. She heard the kettle click off and then what felt like only seconds later she heard him cross the room.

    Ava opened her eyes to find Jace crouched in front of her, his face, and his body for that matter, disconcertingly close. He pressed the mug of tea into her hands and Ava took it with a murmured thanks.

    She couldn’t make herself look away from his face, the stubble on his jaw, the look of sympathy in his usually amused eyes.

    “Ava?” he prompted, his voice still sounding like chocolate over gravel and so, so gentle, and Ava, abandoning all common sense, blurted,

    “I think I might be pregnant.”

To read more from Kiss Me at Willoughby Close then you can get a copy here.

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