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Everything Begins With Us by E.A Andrews {Review}


Eighteen-year-old Harper Deacon has never been a rebel. She’s always been a rule-follower who goes along to get along. Until she does the one thing her mother asked her not to do. When she bails on college to pursue her dream of becoming a musician, her mom kicks her out and she moves into the house she inherited from her granddad.

Smith Dalton doesn’t follow the rules. He bends them to his own needs. After driving off the lead singer of the indie rock band he recently joined, Smith talks Harper into being the band’s new lead singer.

Sounds like the perfect plan. But Harper has her doubts. Joining a band with three guys? She’s never even had guy friends before. Spending a lot of time with a certain guitar player who is too good-looking, too cool, and too much of everything? That could get complicated. Especially when the guy is a player who just hooks up and moves on. The last thing Harper needs is to fall for a guy who will only break her heart.

Music is her number one priority and she has every intention of staying focused on what really matters. But, as Harper is finding out, being in a band is about more than just the music. And sometimes, what you think you want and what you really need are two very different things. 


I really enjoyed this book despite it not been my standard genre. 

The main character Harper is easy to relate to and I found myself cheering her on and really wanting the best for her. Even her love life wasn’t all shiny and great as is often portrayed. 

Smith is a lovable guy with a tragic secret, I loved him equally as much as Harper. 

Together and with the band they make a life together and forge a family that they have longed to have. 

Touching on mental illness this book isn’t as light and fluffy as I expected. With twists and turns throughout.

I hope there will be a sequel as I would really love to know more about Harper and Smith’s future. 

I would rate this book 4/5 stars. Well written, interesting and held my attention.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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