My Writing TN Set-Up

I finally got my writing TN set up completed. A while ago I bought a second hand Meadowgate TN from someone who had customised it with ink droplets and it was perfect.  I finished setting it up yesterday when my friend Kirstyanne brought me a NaNoWriMo insert for it.  (I'll drop shop links below). I… Continue reading My Writing TN Set-Up

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Ugly Bug Does Rockabilly Rebel.

*Disclaimer - This box is given to me free of charge as part of the design team. It does not alter or change my opinion of the goods received * This soooo good. Very different from any other subscription boxes I've seen In the A5 box I received : * A planner dashboard  *3… Continue reading Ugly Bug Does Rockabilly Rebel.

Book Reviews 2017, Shop/Purchases

Pretty Purchases #1

I don't often review the purchases I make, but I have decided that I probably should since the items I receive are often amazing and should be shown worldwide! I have made 3 purchases lately, well I say lately it's more over the last couple of months. Firstly, a beautiful paperclip. Not just any old… Continue reading Pretty Purchases #1