Writing Resources #1

Every budding writer is constantly on the look out for anything that will help them on their journey. Every published author has a method in which they promote that worked from them. More often than not each of these methods is unique and differs from others. As a result it means that finding information can… Continue reading Writing Resources #1

Flash Fiction

Writing Prompt #7 

Daily Prompt challenge. Less than 750 words, flash fiction. This is mine. Totally unedited and 236 words. They stared at each other across the platform. This could be the last time they see each other. Slowly she walked towards him, he smiled and walked towards her. Once together they stood facing each other. He was… Continue reading Writing Prompt #7 

Flash Fiction

Writing Prompt #6 – Diary

750 Words. Flash Fiction. 23.10.16 Dear Diary, Well what a shit day it has been today. Lee decided that we should not be together anymore. He reckons his girlfriend is suspicious of his behaviour. So she should be the stupid cow! He had ended it before but this time feels different. I haven't told him… Continue reading Writing Prompt #6 – Diary