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January Review

This is my first monthly review.  I had planned to just note my blog stats but I was inspired by Laura over at How To Gyst to look at my month as a whole.

I chose to look at 4 different aspects;

1) What Went Well – this is where I write what I achieved in the month. This can be personal, professional,  home, etc

2) Room For Improvement – this is pretty self explanatory. I wrote down everything that I felt I could have done better with over the month. This allows me to see where I should think about applying focus for the upcoming month.

3) Blog Stats – this is all my blog stats for the month. I have never really paid attention to these previously but I’ve decided to track them from now on. This will allow me to see trends in what my readers wish to see.

4) Next Month – this is where I write my goals for next month and everything I wish to achieve. Again this for me was wide ranging subjects and topics. Some people may chose to seperate home, work, blog etc.


I put this end month review in my Leuctturm at the end of the month just before starting the next month. I likethe simplicity of the layout and I used different colours for each section.

Do you write a monthly review? Do you find it helps focus for the month ahead?

The Stationery Geekette x

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