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My Miracle Morning Journal

When I had finished reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod I really wanted to implement some kind of journal with everything I would need for my new morning routine.

I had a Traveler’s Notebook which I loved but had been seriously under utilising so I decided to transform it.

ZLYC Embossed in Dark Coffee

Inside I have 3 books, numerous card wallets, zipped wallets, photos etc.

My first book is a personal journal, this is for when I want to write about my life, feelings and how things are. This is private and not written in daily, only when I feel the need to.

My 2nd book is my TMM journal. In this I write briefly about my day/plans, I make a note of my gratitude, wake-up time, reading material and SAVERS tracker. For this I use the Midori 019 refill which has the week split into 7 on one day and empty on the other.


My 3rd book is one which I have listed my affirmations, life goals, aims, Level 10 life wheel, Hal’s downloads and notes from the books I am reading. I am also working on a layout for my visualisation aide.




This is still very much a working progress and it will evolve and change as I do and as my needs do.

If there is anyone else who has a TMM journal I’d love to see what you have done:)

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x



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