Give Away !

July and August have been very big months for myself. I moved away from blogging about my life (which I had failed to update on for about a year) and moved into blogging about my passion…stationery and all things planner related. I have always had a thing for stationery. When I was very young about 4 yrs old my Gran use to buy me things and I would cherish them and it has never gone away. It may have taken a back-burner while the inevitable ‘life’ got in the way but now this is what I have, this is mine. It is my way to de-stress, something I can call my own when my life is otherwise filled with baby nappies, making bottles and other general things us mothers have to worry about.
Nothing beats sitting down with a cuppa or other drink and getting all your washi’s, stickers and whatever else out and decorating your planner. Sunday evening is my Planner day and I LOVE it!

I also opened an Etsy shop to collaborate with a friend to sell the world budget quality Fauxdori’s (Traveler’s Notebooks). Etsy:TheStationeryGeekett

I have also seen a huge influx in my instagram followers and comments on my pictures.

I am really happy with how this is all progressing and as such I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me.

As such I am hosting a GIVE-AWAY which will run until the end of August. There will be many many things included in this. I have a box that I will be filling with all sorts of goodies over the next couple of weeks.

This is what is in the box so far. Bare in mind that it is not even half full and more pens, washi tapes, stickers and other goodies will be added to it before a lucky winner receives it.

This is a set of 3 Paris Notebooks in dot, graph and lined paper, 2 blank plain paper notebooks, large, medium and small binder clips, various paper clips, set of stamps and a scented pen and highlighter.

Now to be in with a chance of winning please do the following:

1) Follow me on I.G (please don’t follow to unfollow) @Fluttermouse
2) Put a comment on this blog post with your I.G name and tell me what your favourite planner/stationery accessory is.

*Open until 6pm 31st August 2015
*Open Internationally
*Winner will be selected randomly

24 thoughts on “Give Away !”

  1. I.G: bexxpreece
    Favourite accessory: Possibly very boring but my BiC 4-colour pen. Never bleeds through the pages and gives me colour choices in an instance for when I’ve “misplaced” my pencil case XD
    Just saved your blog!

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  2. My favourite planner accessories are my paperclips. I am obsessed with making ribbon paperclips and printing off photos and laminating them to also turn those into paperclips. I just love paperclips! ❤

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  3. Wow! So generous! I love to see ladies giving things away. It’s so nice, in our crazy world! Thank you! My IG is Createforsanity, I will hope over and follow you, follow me back, if you’d like. I love your blog, by the way! My favorite planner accessorie is pens! I have so many different brands and love them all💙

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  4. @prayzinghim is my IG name. I NEED those Paris notebooks, so please tell where I can get them, just in case! Thanks & look forward to following you more than I have. (That sounds stalkerish, but its not!)

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  5. Thanks for the opportunity! Congrats on the etsy store as well. I’m pretty new to the planner community though I’ve been obsessed with them for years. My favorite accessory is my Frixion pens. I love those things…though I’m constantly out of black. I need to buy those by the case.
    My IG is @angikscraps
    thanks agina

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  6. I.G – paperpals72
    Muummm This is a hard one as i have soooooo many favourite planner accessories……. Has to be my Kate Spade Bow paper clips! I love um!


  7. My IG Headers81
    My fave stationery item is washi tape! I have so many rolls of the stuff! I love pens and also have hordes of them! Just sitting there. Not being used!


  8. Ig: crafting_mumma

    By far my favourite planner accessories are bookmarks. Even if I don’t have time to decorate my week ahead. My page is generally lined with super cute bookmarks. I just love them. They brighten up my planners. And I enjoy making them too with is another bonus for me!

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  9. This is such a cute giveaway!!
    my IG name is amielouisedooley
    My favourite accessory has to be my pens. BUT they have to pretty as well as comfortable to write with. At the moment I’m using a Kikki.k pen! xx

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  10. Hi I found you from the ZLYZ Facebook group! My instagram name is thefreckledmess

    My favorite accessory are my pens.. I am a pen hoarder (since I could write). I really like multi pens and I will buy any I see so I can found out if it is better than the next! Also I like the paper mate flairs!

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  11. Great giveaway!! My Instagram is @the_beautiful_life_of_natasha fave stationery item is a tough one for me I think it would have to be stickers or paperclips!! I have a shed load of both 🙂 and couldn’t possibly pick either, or xx

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