Planner Time

Now I have finally hit a point where I am completely happy with my planner situation I have been spending time enjoying the wonders of using them.

I have had a funky divider wallet made for my Happy Planner which I can store all my stickers in. This was Made by the lovely LauraLizzy Cairns from a Facebook group I am part of.



I have also been busy writing to penpals and taking part in some Travelling Notebooks. The aim of this is to write in a book, send it off and have others write in it then once it is full it gets sent back to the owner. It is really nice to read about the people you may interact with in passing on groups of mutual interest.


I have started an online course in International Criminal Law. Law has always been my most favoured of subjects and I have been using the embossed std TN to write up all my notes. I have really enjoyed having some focus for my brain other than constant baby jumble 🙂




I have bought 2 new pens as I had heard great things about them. I bought a Starry Black superfine point Cocoiro which has a tiny brush nib. I absolutely love this pen to write with. I also have a multicoloured Coleto pen with purple, dark blue, light blue and pink inks. This is also a really nice pen. I love them both for writing and doodling. Both can be seen in the pictures above.

I really feel like I do not need anything else now. I have a few things arriving over this next week, including a beautiful Red Filofax which I intended to set up as a Christmas planner so I can be extremely prepared!

I hope you are having as much fun with your planners too!

Enjoy, Love and Create,

The Stationery Geekette x

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